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Essential Film Stars, Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving was born April 4th, 1960 in Nigeria, as the middle sibling of three children. Much of his early life was spent travelling between Great Britain, Nigeria, and Australia, until his family finally settled down in Sydney. While in Sydney, Weaving attended the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, one of the premier acting colleges in the world.

The Imitation Game

Gay Essential Opinion: The Imitation Game

Though hindsight is always 20/20, The Imitation Game gives us a fair and balanced glance at the tragedies that prejudice and inequality can cause. Turing achieved more in one war-torn decade than Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. If fears of spies, conspiracies, and homosexuals had not ruled the 1950’s, imagine what other gifts the brilliant mathematician could have offered the world. Instead, Prof. Alan Turing is a fallen war hero in the war of inequality.

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