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The Circle

Gay Essential Opinion: The Circle (Der Kreis)

Though Zurich was the escape for many gays, much of their activity had to remain underground as the gay community was still subject to raids, threats and being personally outed in newspaper articles. As a teacher on the verge of being confirmed for tenure, either occurrence could prove to be very career-limiting for Ernst – if not career-ending. Even the otherwise flamboyant, cross-dressing Robi kept up a far more straight-laced appearance on his day job as a barber.

The 10 Year Plan

Essential Film Festivals: Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

The Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is an annual event, and in 2014 will celebrate its silver jubilee. The festival, the longest standing of its kind in Asia, will run from 13th September to 26th September at four cinemas including Broadway Cinematheque, with the opening party in Woo Bar at W Hotel and the closing party in Azure Bar at Hotel LKF By Rhombus.

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