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Were The World Mine

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Were the World Mine

Released in 2008 and directed by Tom Gustafson, Were the World Mine is a comedic film where the local embattled gay boy in a small town discovers the recipe to turn the residents gay for a short time and experience his world. The film won a large number of awards at LGBT film festivals, such as Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature at the L.A. Outfest. Shot in Chicago, the film features actors Tanner Cohen and Wendy Robie.

Getting Go, the Go Doc Project

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Getting Go, the Go Doc Project

A film about obsession, Getting Go, the Go Doc Project, tells the story of a college filmmaker named Doc who is enamoured with a popular New York go-go dancer, aptly named Go. After befriending Go, Doc begins shooting a movie about Go, following him into every club, bar, and even into his bedroom.

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