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Soft Lad

Soft Lad, Gay Essential Talks To Leon Lopez

Starring Jonny Labey, Daniel Brocklebank, Suzanne Collins, and Craig Stein, Soft Lad is an intriguing tale of lust and betrayal that grabs the audience from the opening scenes. David (Labey) is having an affair with his sister’s husband, Jules (Brocklebank). Meanwhile, David’s sister Jane (Collins) is blissfully unaware of the betrayal crafted by her brother and husband – a betrayal that has life-altering consequences for everyone involved.

Soft Lad

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Soft Lad

Soft Lad was written and directed by Leon Lopez. Released in 2015, it is Lopez’s first feature length film and stars Jonny Labey (EastEnders), Daniel Brocklebank (Coronation Street) and Suzanne Collins (Brookside) in leading roles, with Craig Stein, Laura Ainsworth and Mya Collins in supporting roles. Filming took place entirely in Liverpool, UK. Soft Lad was part of the official selection for PoutFest UK and the East End Film Festival.

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