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Essential Film Stars, Paul Dawson

American writer and actor Paul Dawson is best known for delivering captivating and emotional performances. A young actor, Dawson’s career began in the late 1990’s with appearances in a few popular television series. His first major break came in 1999, when he appeared in The Big Kahuna alongside Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito.

Matthew Broderick

Essential Film Stars, Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick was born in 1962 in New York City. Seemingly destined for a career in acting, Broderick’s parents were a playwright and an actor. At the age of 17, Broderick’s football dreams came to a tragic end when he suffered a devastating knee injury. In retrospect, the stars may have aligned, as Broderick used the accident as an opportunity to pursue acting at New York’s prestigious Walden School.

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