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Essential Opinion: Shared Rooms

Shared Rooms explores the meaning of home and family through three interrelated stories of gay men finding connections during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day – a married couple who take in a teenage relative who was kicked out of his home after his parents discovered he was gay; a pair of roommates forced to share a bed for the week, much to the delight (and horror) of the one harboring a secret crush on the other; and two men looking for a quick hookup who end up finding a much stronger connection.

Shared Rooms

Shared Rooms, Gay Essential Talks To Rob Williams

Shared Rooms is the eighth feature out of Guest House Films, but the first with multiple storylines. “We had a lot of ideas,” Williams continues about the development of Shared Rooms. “I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to go with them or what I wanted to do with them, but then it just hit me — let’s follow the Love Actually model and have a holiday film with these different storylines that are separate but then it all comes together at the end.”

Make the Yuletide Gay

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Make the Yuletide Gay

Make the Yuletide Gay was written and directed by Rob Williams and released in 2009. The film won a number of awards including Audience Award at FilmOut San Diego with Best Supporting Actress going to Kelly Keaton and Best Supporting Actor to Derek Long. Shot in Los Angeles, USA, the film stars Keith Jordan, Adamo Ruggiero and Hallee Hirsh.

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