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Sell By

Gay Essential Review: Sell By at NewFest

The idea that a relationship has a sell-by date inevitably crosses everyone’s mind. And in many cases, it rings true. Some couples aren’t always going to mesh perfectly together all the time. Sometimes the date does pass and relationships are no longer at their most ripe, but the passing of that date doesn’t always mean the end. This is the idea that actor Mike Doyle explores in his feature directorial debut, Sell By.

The Dying Gaul

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Dying Gaul

The Dying Gaul is a 2005 American film written and directed by Craig Lucas, and based on his 1998 play. It stars Peter Sarsgaard as an aspiring screenwriter, Campbell Scott as the producer who convinces him to compromise his play and draws him into an affair, and Patricia Clarkson as the producer’s wife, whose involvement in the affair leads to a tragic conclusion.

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