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Gay Essential Films To Watch, Milk

Released in 2008 and directed by Gus Van Sant, Milk is a biopic about America’s first openly gay politician. The film won the awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role and Best Writing – Original Screenplay at the 2009 Oscars. Shot primarily in San Francisco in Sicily, the film features actors Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, and Josh Brolin.

Sean Penn

Essential Film Stars, Sean Penn

Born in August of 1960, Sean Penn is an award-winning actor, producer, and director from Santa Monica, CA. Long recognized as a strong lead actor, Penn’s career spans decades and is highlighted by awards and distinctive honours. Penn hails from a family of talented actors and musicians, appearing in the film At Close Range with his brother, Chris Penn, and mother, Eileen Ryan. Sean Penn’s father is Leo Penn, a famous actor and director. His older brother, Michael Penn, is a talented musician.

Gus Van Sant

Essential Film Directors, Gus Van Sant

Van Sant’s career began in advertising and art house theaters. He directed television commercials in New York, while saving money to fund his creative projects. Often rejected by major motion picture studios, many of Van Sant’s early ideas eventually landed in art house films.

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