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Gay Essential Films To Watch, Dallas Buyers Club

Released in 2013 and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, Dallas Buyers Club is the true story of a conservative hustler that goes around the system to bring AIDS medications into America. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, the film won a host of awards, including Oscars for both Best Lead Actor and Supporting Actor.

Dallas Buyers Club

Gay Essential Opinion: Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club takes place in 1985, what most historians consider the height of the AIDS hysteria, and centers around Ron Woodroof [Matthew McConaughey], a real life homophobic bigoted cowboy that will unknowingly become an advocate against big pharma in its pursuit for a cure for AIDS. As Woodruff says, “Let me give y’all a little news flash. There ain’t nothin’ out there can kill fuckin’ Ron Woodroof in 30 days.”

Boys on the Side

Gay Essential Opinion: Boys on the Side

Boys on the Side starts out as an average movie about what would seem like three average women wanting and needing to escape the lives that they now have. Initial reviews claimed it was another “Fried Green Tomatoes” or “Thelma and Louis” because of its female bonding, hopeful love and women on the run theme that runs across all three films, but that’s where the similarities end.

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