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Margaret Cho

Get The Shame Out, Gay Essential Talks To Margaret Cho

Anyone who has had the opportunity to hear Margaret Cho’s stand-up knows this comedienne doesn’t back down.  Delivering refreshing wit and razor sharp insight, Cho is known for spiking each and every joke with a hard shot of reality.  Cho has taken on everything from racism to politics to terrorism to rape and LGBT rights, and she doesn’t plan on pulling her punches anytime soon.

Do I Sound Gay?

Gay Essential Review: Do I Sound Gay? at BFI Flare

In the documentary Do I Sound Gay? debut director David Thorpe takes the audience on an investigative journey through the filmmaker’s own anxieties about the sound of his voice. An entertaining and informative experience, in just over an hour running time Thorpe manages to showcase the professional opinions, pop culture references, and humorous anecdotes from a motley band of professionals and celebrities alike.

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