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Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag

Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag, Gay Essential Talks To Lucas Santa Ana

After finally making Bromance back in 2016 and doing a handful of short films beforehand, he then worked on his latest film, the powerful documentary Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag which shines a light on a man who was a pioneer for LGBTQ+ rights in Argentina.

Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag

Opinión Esencial: El Puto Inolvidable. Vida de Carlos Jáuregui (Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag)

Este documental dirigido por Lucas Santa Ana narra la historia de Carlos Jáuregui, uno de los pioneros mas importantes de la comunidad LGBT de Latinoamérica, e incluso pudiera decirse, que este argentino ha sido el único valiente que lucho por su presente; y aun mas importante, “El Puto Inolvidable. Vida de Carlos Jáuregui” relata un movimiento que aun sigue vigente en Argentina y en el resto de América.


Essential Opinion: Bromance (Como Una Novia Sin Sexo)

Daniel, Santiago and Adrian are three longtime friends who take a camping trip together in Bromance (Como Un Novio Sin Sexo), an Argentinean film released in 2016 that takes place in 1996. Directed by Lucas Santa Ana, the film stars Javier De Pietro, Marco Ribas and Agustin Pardella.

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