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Born to Fly

Essential Film Festivals: Oslo Skeive Filmer Film Festival

Established in 1990, and originally founded as a film club, Oslo Skeive Filmer Film Festival is an annual event, an entirely independent, non-profit organisation run by volunteers. In 2009, the film festival moved from June to September, but organised a 3-4 day long “mini-festival” during Oslo’s annual Pride Week in June. In 2014 the 24th festival will run from 19th to 24th September at Oslo’s Cinemateket, a state-of-the-art cinema run by the Norwegian Film Institute.

Love is Strange

Essential Film Festivals: Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Established in 1988, Vancouver Queer Film Festival is an annual event and the 2nd largest film festival in Vancouver. In 2014, the festival will run from 14th to 24th August at the Playhouse Theatre with an opening gala party at FanClub.

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