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Gay Essential Films To Watch, Celluloid

Released in January 2014, Celluloid is a film written, directed and produced by talented Lloyd Eyre-Morgan. The film stars Jody Latham from Shameless and EastEnders fame. The film may have had a relatively miniscule production budget, but this didn’t stop it from being chosen as one of 15 films from more than 1000 films to feature in the Cinema Diverse Gay film festival in Palm Springs.

Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

Three In A Bed, Gay Essential Talks To Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

“Since I was 5, I’ve been obsessed with film,” states the surprisingly relaxed director, Lloyd Eyre-Morgan. Surprising, because Eyre-Morgan is already in the middle of casting for his next film, his fourth in just three years. “I used the VCR long before I could talk,” he remembers. “It’s a passion I can’t seem to get rid of.”

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