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Jamie Marks Is Dead

Essential Opinion: Jamie Marks Is Dead

Directed and adapted by Carter Smith from Christopher Barzak’s harrowing novel One For Sorrow, Jamie Marks Is Dead is a slow-burning teen horror. A quiet teenager from a broken home’s life becomes bleak when his mother is involved in a car accident and a boy from his high school is found dead. Released in 2014 the film stars Noah Silver, Cameron Monaghan and Morgan Saylor.

Space Station 76

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Space Station 76

Space Station 76, released in 2014, is a futuristic sci-fi drama offering a perfectly recreated version of the future as seen from the 1970s. Jack Plotnick directed the black comedy film that stars Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Kylie Rodgers, Matt Bomer and Marisa Coughlan. The film explores the dynamic interrelationship of personalities, all with their own issues, on board a satellite station in space.

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