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Essential Film Stars, Paul Dawson

American writer and actor Paul Dawson is best known for delivering captivating and emotional performances. A young actor, Dawson’s career began in the late 1990’s with appearances in a few popular television series. His first major break came in 1999, when he appeared in The Big Kahuna alongside Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito.

Ryan Kelley

Essential Film Stars, Ryan Kelley

Ryan Jonathan Kelley was born August 31st, 1986 in Glen Ellyn, IL. The fifth of 15 brothers and sisters, Kelley was introduced to acting when his mother took him and five of his siblings to meet a talent agent in Chicago, IL. Kelley soon got his start in television commercials, appearing in over 50 ads.

Arye Gross

Essential Film Stars, Arye Gross

Born in 1960, Arye Gross has spent most of his life in Los Angeles, CA. Following high school, Gross attended the University of California at Irvine to study acting and theatre. He also attended the Conservatory at South Coast Repertory and became a resident member of the theatre troupe for over three years.

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