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King Cobra

Essential Opinion: King Cobra

King Cobra tells the story of Sean Lockhart who chose the stage name of Brent Corrigan for his appearances on video. Lockhart, however, didn’t just gain popularity in the porn industry for his saucy roles but also because he got caught up in a true crime case involving Cobra Video’s producer/director. Directed by Justin Kelly, the film stars Garrett Clayton, Christian Slater and James Franco.

I Am Michael

Gay Essential Review: I Am Michael at BFI Flare

Michael Glatze was a former prominent gay activist who served as the managing editor of XY magazine in San Francisco, and was also the co-founder of Young Gay America, a bimonthly magazine for LGBT youth launched late 2004. Michael was in a ten year relationship with Benjie Nycum, awarded the National Role Model Award from the Equality Forum and then publicly announced that he no longer identified with being a homosexual, and turned to Christianity.

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