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Nobody's Watching

Gay Essential Review: Nobody’s Watching (Nadie Nos Mira) at Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Lies, shame and alienation are at the heart of Julia Solomonoff’s seductively tragic Nobody’s Watching, a tale of two identities which confronts the shortcomings of immigration policies head-on. Exposing the tantalizing brutality of iconic cities and the hostility of cliques and Procrustean social norms, the motion picture presents an unparalleled depiction of the Big Apple and its cutthroat nature.

The Last Summer Of La Boyita

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Last Summer Of La Boyita (El último verano de la Boyita)

Released in 2009, The Last Summer Of La Boyita (El último verano de la Boyita) is an Argentinian coming-of-age film that focuses on a young teenager and her adventures travelling to the countryside. Starring Guadalupe Alonso, Mirella Pascual and Nicolás Treise, the film was co-written and directed by Julia Solomonoff.

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