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Ben Silverstone

Essential Film Stars, Ben Silverstone

Born in the affluent London neighborhood of Primrose Hill, Ben Silverstone attended the prestigious St. Paul’s School in Barnes, London. As a young man, Silverstone earned his first major role through the help of his family friend Mike Figgis, who placed him in the lead of 1994’s The Browning Version. Silverstone went on to land a few small roles prior to attending Cambridge University.

Get Real

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Get Real

Released in 1998 and directed by Simon Shore, Get Real is a film about two boys coming to grips with their sexuality as they come of age in a British school. The film was nominated for a variety of awards, and won the Audience Award at the 1998 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Shot in Basingstoke, Hampshire in England, the film features actors Ben Silverstone and Brad Gorton.

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