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Full Speed

Gay Essential Films To Wach, Full Speed (À toute vitesse)

This French drama film was released in 1996 and follows the lives of four children, including a young writer and a gay Algerian who mourns the loss of his partner. Full Speed (À toute vitesse) was directed and co-written by Gaël Morel and stars Pascal Cervo, Élodie Bouchez, Meziane Bardadi and Stéphane Rideau.

Wild Reeds

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Wild Reeds (Les Roseaux sauvages)

Wild Reeds was directed by Andre Techine and written by him in conjunction with Olivier Massart and Gilles Taurand. Released in 1994, the film won a number of wards including Cesar Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards and National Society of Film Critics Awards USA, to name a few. The film starred Elodie Bouchez, Gael Morel and Stephane Rideau.

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