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Gay Essential Films To Watch, Transamerica

Released in 2005 and directed by Duncan Tucker, Transamerica received an Academy Award, Golden Globe and two International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Awards for Best Feature Film, with Best Actress accolades going to Felicity Huffman for her portrayal of the main character Bree Osbourne. Shot in Arizona and New York USA, Kevin Zegers and Fionnula Flanagan also star.


Gay Essential Opinion: Transamerica

In 2005 when Transamerica hit the screens, trans visibility and acceptability were at least a decade away and the understanding by the general public about people who are transgender was still hovering around zero; the film tells the story of a conservative transgender [transsexual at the time] woman named Bree, only a week from her “operation,” whose life is turned upside down by the discovery that she has a son named Toby.

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