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The Escort

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Escort (L’escorte)

This comedy follows the lives, struggles and endeavors of several gay men during the hazard and mass hysteria of the AIDS outbreak. Directed by Denis Langlois, the motion picture stars Eric Cabana and Paul-Antoine Taillefer, and features Patrice Coquereau and Robin Aubert. The Escort (L’escorte) was released in 1996 and co-written by Bertrand Lachance and Denis Langlois.

Danny in the Sky

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Danny In The Sky

Danny in the Sky is a 2001 French-Canadian drama by writer and director Denis Langlois, set in Montreal. It stars Thierry Pépin, Eric Cabana, Véronique Jenkins, Jessie Beaulieu, and Daniel Lortie in a story that starts in the world of male modelling and concludes with stripping and pornography as a young man seeks to understand himself and his relationship with his father.

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