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Michael Varrati: The Queering of Horror Movies

There’s always been a strong LGBTQ+ draw to the world of fright, and it’s really not difficult to see why. Horror, at its very core, is a genre of “otherness.” Often celebrating, venerating, or putting on display the plight of the outsider, horror creates a narrative that those who exist outside of the mainstream can easily identify.

The Misandrists

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Misandrists

Written and directed by Bruce La Bruce, Two schoolgirls find an injured revolutionary soldier in the woods, and take him to the basement of the country house where they stay – which is the home of a lesbian terrorist cell. The Misandrists released in 2017 stars Susanne Sachße, Viva Ruiz and Kembra Pfahler

The Raspberry Reich

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Raspberry Reich

The Raspberry Reich, an erotic satire by Canadian writer and director Bruce LaBruce, was filmed in Germany in 2004. It tells the story of a group of aspiring homosexual left-wing revolutionaries and their unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the heterosexual bourgeoisie, and stars Susanne Sachsse, Andreas Rupprecht, Daniel Bätscher, and Anton Dickson.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Gerontophilia

A film about fetish, Gerontophilia is a beautiful portrayal of a young man’s sexual obsession with the elderly. Partially funded by Indiegogo and featuring Walter Borden and Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, this 2014 film is the first mainstream feature directed by famous art house filmmaker, writer, and artist, Bruce LaBruce.

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