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Boys (Jonas)

Essential Opinion: Boys (Jonas)

Boys (Jonas) is Charrier’s second TV movie, and I suspect that it’s only a matter of time before somebody gives him money to make his big screen debut. His film may tell a fairly melodramatic story as it progresses, but it’s easily forgivable due to being grounded within a heartfelt character study – one that is all the more effective due to the perfectly pitched performances he manages to get from the entire ensemble.


Gay Essential Opinion: Boys (Jongens)

Boys was originally produced with a target audience of kids and teenagers in mind. It aired for the first time on Dutch television in February 2014 and was later released in selected theatres as well. Because of its success in the Netherlands it was sold to other countries and started to gain international recognition. Jongens (original Dutch title) was directed by Mischa Kamp and starred Gijs Blom and Ko Zandvliet as Sieger and Marc respectively.

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