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The Falls: Covenant of Grace

Essential Opinion: The Falls: Covenant of Grace

Released in 2016, The Falls: Covenant of Grace is the final film in the Falls trilogy, which reunites RJ and Chris as they prepare to fully reconciletheir love, their faith and their Church. Directed by Jon Garcia the film stars Nick Ferrucci, Benjamin Farmer and Curtis Edward Jackson.

The Falls: Testament to Love

Essential Opinion: The Falls: Testament To Love

Fans of The Falls will find The Falls: Testament of Love to be a very satisfying continuation of the A.J./Chris story (there is now a third film in the series). Writer/producer/director Jon Garcia has crafted a wonderful story of love, acceptance, choice and reconciliation which builds upon itself to an ending that gives you enough to not be slighted by it but not too much so that you don’t wonder what the future may or may not hold for R.J. and Chris.

The Falls

Essential Opinion: The Falls

In this film, loving a man and loving Jesus isn’t as much an either/or proposition — so no one has to give up one for the other. And in this film, being a part of the Mormon Church or not being a part of the Mormon Church is a choice as opposed to the oppressive force that ex-communicates anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their tenets.

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