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Handsome Devil

Gay Essential Review: Handsome Devil at BFI Flare

With Handsome Devil, writer/director John Butler, reprises the poignant reflection on the meaning of masculinity he had explored in his fun 2013 debut The Stag (aka The Bachelor Party) but this time he takes the diatribe back to high school – a rugby-obsessed, all-boys boarding school to be precise – and by his own admission infuses the story with inevitable autobiographical references.


Gay Essential Opinion: Pride

Incredibly written, Stephen Beresford’s script not only delivers a heartfelt account of a factual national movement, but also manages to weave in a variety of characters and stories, adding emotional depth to the film. Audiences fall in love with a gay man who struggles to reconnect with his mother after 16 years, the bold realization that a miner’s wife could go on to do more with her life (like, become a member of Parliament, perhaps?), and the onset of AIDS/HIV in the early 1980’s.

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