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Being 17

Gay Essential Review: Being 17 (Quand on a 17 ans) at Outfest

Two 17-year-old boys go to the same high school – where they all but terrorize each other. What’s a mother to do? She unknowingly invites the aggressor to live with them temporarily while his mother recovers from an illness at a nearby hospital.

The Witnesses

Gay Essential Opinion: The Witnesses (Les témoins)

The Witnesses is a 2007 French film about a group of friends living in Paris at the outset of HIV/AIDS. Set in 1984 and told in three parts, the film stars Johan Libereau as Manu, Michel Blanc as Adrien, Emmanuelle Béart as Sarah and Sami Bouajila as Mehdi with Julie Depardieu in a supporting role as Manu’s older sister Julie, a rising opera singer.

Wild Reeds

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Wild Reeds (Les Roseaux sauvages)

Wild Reeds was directed by Andre Techine and written by him in conjunction with Olivier Massart and Gilles Taurand. Released in 1994, the film won a number of wards including Cesar Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards and National Society of Film Critics Awards USA, to name a few. The film starred Elodie Bouchez, Gael Morel and Stephane Rideau.

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