Gay Essential Review: I Love You Both at Outfest

Imagine meeting a fun and flirtatious 20-something named Andy.  He’s charming, handsome, has great taste in music.  Now imagine finding yourself in a love triangle with Andy…and your twin sibling.  While this might sound like the plotline from 70s sitcom Soap, this is actually the feature film debut by the dynamic twin sibling writing and acting duo, Doug and Kristin Archibald.

I Love You Both


I Love You Both presents Donny (Doug Archibald) and Krystal (Kristin Archibald), who are twins splitting an apartment together.  Codependent since birth, Donny and Krystal are best friends who share almost every aspect of their lives together.  Donny is a musician, struggling with an old and out of touch agent who promises to get Donny’s demo into the right hands.  Krystal, meanwhile, is on the rebound from a long-term relationship.

At a not-really-surprise 28th birthday party thrown for the twins, Donny and Krystal each meet Andy (played by actor Lucas Neff).  Shortly thereafter, they both find themselves attracted to him, wanting to spend more time together and undoubtedly determine if Andy is straight (perfect for Krystal) or gay (perfect for Donny).

A short time later, Andy invites Donny and Krystal to join him at a friend’s party.  During the party, the twins discover Andy is actually bisexual, leaving him up for grabs for both of them.  As a result, Krystal and Donny both start dating Andy, each wanting to pursue their individual feelings, yet careful not to harm the other sibling.

This romantic crisis is peppered with the Archibald twins’ unique brand of humor.  From their mother’s quirky Midwestern matter-of-fact vibe to Krystal’s co-worker Linda’s oddly perverse mind, audiences will find plenty to smile about, even with disappointment and heartbreak looming ahead for one of the twin characters.  In fact, one starts to wonder how much of this story may even be based on true life.

After Krystal sabotages her own date with Andy, Donny and Andy start growing closer together.  Krystal attempts to let go, despite the fact that Andy may have actually preferred her.  Things come to a head when Andy and Donny decide to take a weekend getaway and invite Krystal to come along.  As Donny prepares for a night out, Andy and Krystal head out for a drink.  Alone, Andy shares his feelings for Krystal, leaving her torn between a relationship she desperately wants and the prospect of harming her brother to have that relationship.

As the story unravels, audiences may be left searching for a happier conclusion.  One hopes that Krystal will realize that she deserves happiness too, and does not need to settle for a constant string of mediocre boyfriends.  In the closing scenes, however, we find that the twins really have not grown as far apart as it may seem.  Sometimes the only thing you need is your best friend.

3.5 Stars

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