Upstairs Inferno
Upstairs Inferno

Upstairs Inferno

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FeaturingChristopher Rice, Regina Adams, Misti Ates

DirectorRobert L. Camina

From Gay Essential

Released in 2015, Upstairs Inferno, directed by Robert L. Camina’s is a documentary about a horrific arson attack in a New Orleans’ gay bar in the 1970s which killed 32 people. The film is Narrated by Christopher Rice. Read More Here

“Upstairs Inferno posits that adversity is not enough, it took tragedy and horror to ignite the gay rights movement and make the LGBT community become a community and a political force.”
   My Gay Toronto

“As the film painstakingly documents, while the fire was big news in Louisiana at the time, there wasn’t much compassion for the gay people it claimed.”
   Boy Culture

“The filmmakers dig deep into the personal stories of the survivors, some of whom appear exclusively for the first time.”
Francesco Cerniglia, Gay Essential


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