Two Soft Things Two Hard Things
Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

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DirectorMark Kenneth Woods, Michael Yerxa

From Gay Essential

Have you ever heard of a gay parade in the Arctic? Well, it just so happens that an unusual pride event in the capital of Canadian Nunavut spurred interest among two filmmakers and was the decisive spark in igniting a desperately needed discussion about LGBTQ rights within the Inuit community.  Released in 2016, Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things is directed by Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Yerxa. Read More Here

“Here’s a fun language lesson: the literal translation of an Inuktitut term for lesbian relationships is “two soft things rubbing against each other,” while for gay men it’s “two hard things rubbing against each other.” Hence the title of Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Yerxa’s Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things.”

“The resulting film provides a both a handy guide to the Canada’s colonization of the north and its continuing effect of the Inuit. But despite its dark underpinnings, Two Soft Things provides a surprising portrait of our country’s northern-most queer population; a small but resolutely optimistic group committed to making change, one small step at a time.”

“Covering topics ranging from language and loss of cultural identity to the Human Rights Act and family structures in Nunavut, the documentary brings a vital piece to the puzzle of replacing shame with pride in the lives of LGBT individuals from all around the globe”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential


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