The David Dance
The David Dance

The David Dance

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ActorsDon Scime, Guy Adkins, Antoinette LaVecchia

DirectorAprill Winney

It’s a Gay Essential:

Being different and open is a challenging endeavor in Don Scime’s The David Dance, a heartfelt indie film that questions religious dogma and tackles the validity of America’s objections to non-conventional family structures.  Released in 2014 the motion picture is directed by Aprill Winney. Read More Here

“Feels cozy and personal.”
   Cinema Crazed

“This is truly one of those movies that gets to the heart and soul of a person.”
   Edge Media Network

“Although the slow pace and the plotline lapses might be off-putting for some, the film’s unhurried momentum is necessary to create an intimate, snug atmosphere and establish a warm, heart-to-heart connection with the viewers.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential


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