The Dark Mile
The Dark Mile

The Dark Mile

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ActorsFinlay MacMillan, Deirdre Mullins, Sheila Hancock

DirectorGary Love

It’s a Gay Essential:

Released in 2017 Director Gary Love has ventured north of the border for his latest film, The Dark Mile, an atmospheric psychological thriller where an idyllic holiday turns in to an atmospheric nightmare.  The motion picture stars Finlay MacMillan, Deirdre Mullins and Sheila Hancock. Read More Here

“Director Gary Love takes cues from a lot of classic horror films, Rosemary’s Baby, Deliverence, The Witch, even Duel all have their DNA in this film which is not a bad thing because Love is able to mesh them all together very well.”

“The Dark Mile is an evocative, beautifully crafted horror that showcases a stirring tension throughout.”
   Culture Fix

“Even when the film isn’t scary, there is an undercurrent of menace due to the eery atmosphere Gary Love has created.”
   Alistair Ryder, Gay Essential


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