Princess Cyd
Princess Cyd

Princess Cyd

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ActorsJessie Pinnick, Rebecca Spence, Kevin Miranda

DirectorStephen Cone

It’s a Gay Essential:

Released in 2017, Cyd Loughlin is a freckled, carefree teenager who has just lost her brother and mother to suicide. Facing the darker aspects of the human mind head-on, the 16-year-old girl now has to move to Chicago and is more or less forced to live with her aunt, Miranda Ruth a renowned novelist for three weeks. Princess Cyd is directed by Stephen Cone and stars Jessie Pinnick, Rebecca Spence and Malic White. Read More Here.

“Princess Cyd is an enjoyable, emotionally engaging film.”
   500 Days Of Film

“In the movement to have more female viewpoints represented in film, the well intentioned but misguided idea that artists should stick to portrayals of their own genders has been proposed from some quarters. Princess Cyd exposes such an idea as nonsense, boasting two of the most tangibly real women seen in recent cinema.”
   The Movie Waffler

“Cone’s film is meek, irenic and sincere.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential


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