Political Animals
Political AnimalsPolitical Animals

Political Animals

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FeaturingJackie Goldberg, Christine Kehoe, Sheila Kuehl

DirectorJonah Markowitz, Tracy Wares

From Gay Essential

Released in 2016, Political Animals documents the story of four legislators who all played monumental roles in drafting LGBT rights laws that paved the way for the Supreme Court’s passing of marriage equality in 2015. Directed by Jonah Markowitz and Tracy Wares the documentary features Jackie Goldberg, Christine Kehoe and Sheila Kuehl. Read More Here

Won 11 International “BEST DOCUMENTARY” awards

“Political Animals is a much-welcome and quite timely tribute to four political pioneers.”

“These four dedicated lesbian elected officials authored many of the laws that changed the course of LGBT history.”

“On an emotional level it hits hard.”
   Alistair Ryder, Gay Essential 


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