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Featuring: Daniel Wilkinson, Brian Raetz, Derek Reynolds

DirectorGlenn Douglas Packard

From Gay Essential

Released in 2016, Set in sleepy Michigan farm country Pitchfork features a variety of mismatched characters – a gaggle of horror film clichés who are ripe for the picking.  Directed by Glenn Douglas Packard, the film stars Brian Raetz, Derek Reynolds and Daniel Wilkinson. Read More Here.

“Packard has unleashed an instant classic; an outstanding new boogeyman to haunt the dreams of a generation.”
   A World Of Dreams

“While it doesn’t reinvent the slasher film Pitchfork is a very solid entry into the genre with enough twists and surprises to stay fresh.”
   Beneath The Underground

“While this is no Nightmare on Elm Street, it’s not fair to say it’s a total nightmare either.  Pitchfork is a good first step in Packard’s foray into filmmaking, showing some promise for a unique choreographer-turned-director.”
   Dave Croyle, Gay Essential


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