Out in the Line Up
Out In The Line-Up

Out in the Line-Up


(as of 10/18/2018 at 07:30)

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Featuring: Fernando Aguerre, Simon Anderson, Craig Butler

DirectorIan W. Thomson

From Gay Essential

A documentary, Out in the Line-Up follows champion surfer David Wakefield as he reveals his life’s biggest secret: after nearly two decades of silence, David reveals he is gay.  David meets Thomas, who is setting up the world’s first gay surfing community, and they work together to shed light on this cultural taboo. Read More Here

WON Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at the Newport Beach Film Festival

“In surfing the word freedom is often bandied about, but here, right before the viewers, is a person experiencing a transformative response to real freedom – finally able to express the real person inside”


  • Region: ALL

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