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ActorsTempest Crane, Jendeen Forberg, Gaea Gaddy

DirectorJake Yuzna

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Directed and written by Jake Yuzna, Open is a debut drama film that follows the non-conformist love story between two individuals who want to undergo gender reassignment therapy.  Released in 2010, the film stars Tempest Crane, Gaea Gaddy and Jendeen Forberg. Read More Here

“Few début films pack as much narrative punch and impressive technique than Jake Yuzna’s wonderfully moody story of love amongst those who feel so uncomfortable in their “God-given” skin that they embrace all modern science has to change sex, body features or both.”
James Wegg Review

“I’m hard pressed to think of another movie that’s as sensitive to the diversity of bodies and expressions of sexuality or lived experiences than Open (2010, directed by Jake Yuzna).”
   Krell Labortories

“Set among a transgender scene in Minneapolis, helmer Jake Yuzna’s interesting, low-budget feature debut, “Open” gives the old boy-meets-girl template a very 21st-century update.”
   Leslie Felperin, Variety


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