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ActorsConor Donnally, Sean Ormond, Terrance Murphy

DirectorMax Emerson

It’s a Gay Essential:

Hooked is a film about a serious issue that still manages to go under reported in the media – the welfare of LGBTQ youth, and the stigma surrounding their wellbeing that can leave them eight times more likely to become more homeless than heterosexual teens.  Released in 2017 and directed by Max Emerson, the motion picture stars Conor Donnally, Sean Ormond and Terrance Murphy. Read More Here

“When it comes to movies about male prostitutes, Boy Culture (2007) and Strapped (2010) still remain my personal favorites, but Emerson’s entry here is solid as an attempt to put aside the fantasy and move toward the reality of life for young gay men on the streets.”
   The M Report

“Hooked builds to a nice pay-off and it leaves the film open to be continued should Emerson choose to do that.”
   Entertainment Focus

“Hooked works because it doesn’t feel like an issue movie – Max Emerson realises the power in the story is all the more impactful if he doesn’t lecture you about the seriousness of the subject matter.”
   Alistair Ryder, Gay Essential


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