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Gay Hollywood Dad

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DirectorFrank Howley, Quentin Lee, Daric Loo, Simon Steuri, Jason Tobin, Oscar Tsai

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Gay Hollywood Dad was originally a web series, directed by Quentin Lee, Frank Howley, Simon Steuri, Oscar Tsai, Jason Tobin and Daric Loo. It was later turned into a feature-length film that follows the struggles of an LGBT man who wants to become a single parent, as well as how his life changes once his biological son is born. Released in 2018, the biographical and documentary-style series stars two of the directors and features Elizabeth Sung and Candy Cheung. Read More Here.

“From divas to diapers, we get the breadth of what Lee has on his plate now, although he doesn’t have to handle the typical diva.”
   The M Report

“A magical surprise, the documentary Gay Hollywood Dad traces about a year in the life of Director and Producer Quinten Lee as he invents himself once more this time as a parent.”


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