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ActorsLaverne Cox, CeCe McDonald, Tona Brown

DirectorJacqueline Gares

It’s a Gay Essential:

Released in 2016, Crishaun “CeCe” McDonald, a trans woman was out shopping with her four African-American friends on a Saturday night in June 2011. Passing by a dive bar, the group was followed by what seemed to be a biker gang throwing homophobic and anti-trans slurs.  What ensued was a street fight which resulted in the death of one of the gang’s members, Dean Schmitz, a 47-year old bigoted neo-Nazi.  Free CeCe! Is directed by Jacqueline Gares and features Laverne Cox and Tona Brown. Read More Here

“Jacquelin Gares’ documentary, Free Cece, dives into the grassroot activist movement that grew after Cece’s arrest, and shows how the young woman became a beacon of inspiration for a community.”
   Cinema Axis

“Acting as a close cousin to the fantastic Southwest of Salem is Free CeCe, a similar story of prosecutorial misjustice and a sobering look at violence against trans women of color.”
   Cinema Sentries

“After listening to her confessions and fervent speeches, it becomes apparent that CeCe’s experience was not merely a transitioning of her body, but also a transitioning of her life and the people in it..”
Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential


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