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Film Hawk

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ActorsRobert Hawk, Kevin Smith, Edward Burns

DirectorJJ Garvine, Tai Parquet

Its a Gay Essential:

Released in 2017, Film Hawk tells the story of Bob Hawk, a pioneering producer and consultant who has helped get young independent filmmakers their first shots at festival success throughout a long and illustrious career.  The documentary is directed by JJ Garvine and Tai Parquet. Read More Here

“Although Hawk has a fair number of producer credits and has recently directed a short film, he is best known as a film consultant. If you want to get your film into Sundance and then sell it to a specialty distributor for several million dollars, Hawk can help you develop a strategy, if he likes what you’ve done.”
   J.B Spins

“Watching this documentary feels more like watching your grandfather’s home movies rather than watching a doc about one of the most influential independent film personalities in the last half century.”

“Film Hawk is a charming documentary about an important figure in American indie cinema, who is finally getting recognition centre stage.”
Alistair Ryder, Gay Essential


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