El Canto de ColibriEl Canto de Colibri

El Canto de Colibri

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DirectorMarco Castro-Bojorquez

It’s a Gay Essential:

The documentary’s wonderfully metaphoric title El Canto de Colibri refers to the rarely heard song of the hummingbird as it relates to the overlooked and largely unheard stories of Latino fathers – in particular, those with LGBT children.   Released in 2015 the documentary is directed by Marco Castro-Bojorquez. Read More Here

“The first film of its kind, the groundbreaking El Canto del Colibri features Latino immigrant fathers discussing acceptance of their LGBTQ children.”
   Latin Live

“In the media, the Latino/a culture is profoundly underrepresented. Most of the stories one often hears are negative in connotation and involve immigration or racial profiling, according to Serafín Méndez-Méndez and Diane Alverio of the National Association of the Hispanic Journalists. Because of this fact, El Canto del Colibri is such an unprecedented and important documentary for the Latino/a community and GLBTQ culture.”
   GLBT Reviews

“El Canto de Colibri is a study in love and acceptance that should be used at every PFLAG meeting, religious conference, parenting class and political campaign.”
   Terrence Moss, Gay Essential   


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