Do You Take This Man
Do You Take This ManDo You Take This Man

Do You Take This Man

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Featuring: Anthony Rapp, Jonathan Bennett, Alyson Hannigan

DirectorJoshua Tunick

From Gay Essential

Released in 2016, Do You Take This Man, the narrative feature debut from writer/director Joshua Tunick, has an empathetic warmth that continues to grow as the film progresses.  Directed by Joshua Tunick, the film stars Anthony Rapp, Jonathan Bennett, and Alyson Hannigan. Read More Here

“A strong ensemble cast, including Anthony Rapp from ‘Rent,’ populates this dramedy about a gay couple having last-minute jitters on the eve of their wedding.”
   Hollywood Reporter

“An emotional, romantic story.”
   The Geekiary

“A defiantly uncynical romantic drama.”
   Alistair Ryder, Gay Essential


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