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ActorsBrian Keane, Stephen Guarino, Gerald McCullouch

DirectorDouglas Langway

From Gay Essential

Released in 2016, BearCity 3 rounds out Doug Langway’s bear trilogy with yet another enjoyable story.  In this latest installment, the gang comes back together for a camping trip and a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Directed by Douglas Langway the motion picture stars Brian Keane, Stephen Guarino and Gerald McCullouch. Read More Here

Read our interview with Director Douglas Langway

“In a world where mainstream-style gay-themed films often seem like they’re only about the frilly problems of the young and beautiful, the BearCity films have always stood out for their celebration of alternative forms of beauty and looks at issues that are often ignored elsewhere.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“BearCity 3 is a fantastic conclusion to Langway’s trilogy and quite possibly his finest example of writing, editing, and filmmaking to date.”
   Dave Croyle, Gay Essential


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