Alpha Delta Zatan
Alpha Delta Zatan

Alpha Delta Zatan

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ActorsJeremy Winter, Jake Kidwell, Connor Field

DirectorArt Arutyunyan

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Released in 2017, Alpha Delta Zatan is set entirely within the claustrophobic confines of a frat house, the film follows the increased paranoia between members of a fraternity as they start to disappear at the hands of a masked killer. The film is directed by Art Arutyunyan, and stars Jeremy Winter, Jake Kidwell and Connor Field. Read More Here

“Delivers a feature length film filled to the brim with well-toned, attractive men who get hacked up by a spandex wearing slasher while they’re in the shower. “
   Horror Society

“The film is filled with homoerotic horror.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

“There’s a parade of very attractive and buff men showing off their pecs and/or underwear.”
   Big Gay Picture Show


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