A Very Sordid WeddingA Very Sordid Wedding

A Very Sordid Wedding

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ActorsLeslie Jordan, Ann Walker, Whoopi Goldberg

DirectorDel Shores

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Released in 2017 after 17 years, Director and Writer Del Shores returns to the sordid lives of Latrell, LaVonda, Aunt Sissy and Brother Boy with A Very Sordid Wedding.  The motion picture stars Leslie Jordan, Ann Walker and Whoopi Goldberg

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“A Very Sordid Wedding offers some undeniably entertaining moments, and its talented ensemble, clearly encouraged to pull out all the stops, delivers their comic shtick with admirable gusto.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“The overdue sequel to ‘Sordid Lives’ will both delight you and warm your ever-lovin’ heart.”
   Film Journal

“This joyously camp film is a definite guilty pleasure that will be a flat out triumph to returning fans – and an enjoyably trashy time for newcomers to the franchise.”
   Alistair Ryder, Gay Essential


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