Physical Attraction, Gay Essential Talks To Guy Guido

“It was the early 80’s, and Madonna was this new and incredible performer,” states makeup artist-turned-director, Guy Guido. “She wanted you to want her.”

And want her we did.

Physical Attraction, Guido’s directorial debut, is a partially autobiographical story about coming-of-age and coming out during a time famous for big hair and a new, rebellious performer named Madonna.  Before the Material Girl was donning her cone bra or making the Catholic Church nervous, Madonna was playing small clubs and bars in and around New York.  It is here where our protagonist, Jared (loosely based on Guido himself), first becomes star struck with the stunning singer.

Physical Attraction

“Social media was different then.  We didn’t have the internet yet.  Celebrities like Madonna were very uncommon, so you idolized them,” recalls Guido.  Embracing this notion, Jared and his girlfriend (played by actress Raquel Castro) first see Madonna early in her career.  Blown away by her larger-than-life persona, Jared begins to idolize the performer and converts his bedroom into a shrine to all things Madonna.

Rebellious, bold, and alluring, Madonna leaves a lasting impression on Jared, and inspires him to truly come out of his shell and learn to be himself. “She didn’t give a shit,” says the director.  Playing on this, Guido uses the Madonna persona as a sort of physical conscience for Jared, having Jared’s own image of Madonna (actress Lorelei Prince) appear at times when the young teenager needs anything from gentle guidance to a sharp kick in the head.

Call it ambitious, or perhaps even crazy, Physical Attraction is actually only one of the two major film projects Guido is working on presently.  Lovin’ Brooklyn, a passion project of Guido’s, is a dance/romance feature following the romance that develops between a naïve Connecticut girl and Brooklyn boy.  “It’s your classic fish out of water story.  With lots of amazing dancing.”

A common challenge in the film industry, funding is often difficult to secure.  Not getting the desired results from the larger production studios, Guy Guido elected to turn to crowdfunding in order to fund his film projects, in particular, the short film Physical Attraction. “It’s a bigger challenge than you’d think,” says Guido. “I thought ‘oh I’ll put this out there and my friends and family will all take care of it.’ But it doesn’t always happen that way.”

Guy Guido possesses a unique storytelling capability, and an eternal passion for his creative works.  Having already taken the long path from the makeup booth to the director’s chair, Guido is arguably poised for success.  After all, as his idol once put it, “Your dreams will open the door.”

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Dave Croyle

Dave Croyle

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