Essential Film Festivals, Paris: Cheries-Cheris

Celebrating its 20th year, the Paris Gay, Lesbian, and Trans Film Festival Cheries-Cheris kicks off on Tuesday, November 25 2014.  Featuring a wide variety of fiction and documentary works, this year’s festival is bookended by world premieres, at the start and the closing of the festival.  Visitors may also explore past works each morning, as the “20-20 films” selection showcases some of the finest works of LGBT filmmaking to appear at the Cheries-Cheris festival over the past two decades.

Among this year’s selection, guests will be enthralled by documentary filmmaker Ethan Reid’s Peter de Rome, Grandfather of Gay Porn.  The film offers a poignant look at director Peter de Rome and his experiences in the New York City gay scene.  Comprised of interviews, archive footage, and clips from his films, this documentary paints an authentic and at times shocking picture.

The moving film Nordland by director Ingo Biermann features a touching story of loss, separation, and solitude. The Smell of Us is another drama visitors will enjoy.  The film features a group of young Parisians in the height of the skateboarding culture.  Director Hao Zhou presents his film Ye.  Translating to “The Night” this incredible drama premiered in Germany and is entirely in Mandarin.


Film Festival Location

A culturally robust and thriving city, Paris offers plenty of new experiences around every corner.  Beginning in the Opera District, travellers will find an eclectic mix of theatre performances, music venues, and burlesque shows, including the famous Moulin Rouge.  An exciting evening in the Opera district is best followed up by a quiet trip to the Louvre Museum.  Surrounded by the most magnificent collection of art in the world, guests could get lost for days in the famous parquet-floored galleries.  Just outside the museum doors, the Champs-Elysees awaits and guides visitors along a pathway of incredible shopping and dining destinations en route to the Arc du Triomphe.

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Film Festival Hotels

The designer boutique Le 9Hotel Opera presents stylish and modern accommodations at very affordable prices.  A cozy hotel, guests lavish in the quiet comfort and solitude offered by this private space.  Situated near Champs-Elysees, Hotel Le A offers a uniquely Parisian hotel experience.  Boasting a collection of 26 stylish rooms, guests are often found enjoying the incredible book collection available onsite, or sipping fine vintages under the 19th century glass atrium.  One of the finest hotels in Paris, Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris is a 5-star delight located just steps away from the Arc du Triomphe.  The hotel features Michelin star award winning restaurants and extraordinary décor throughout.

Dave Croyle

Dave Croyle

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