This Is Not Berlin

Gay Essential Review: This Is Not Berlin (Esto No Es Berlín) at BFI London Film Festival

For his fourth feature, Mexican director Hari Sama has crafted an unusual coming of age story set within the punk underworld of the 80’s. On its own, this isn’t particularly unique – the power of rock music has helped many teenagers discover their own identities in the movies, and the conservative catholic backdrop of This is Not Berlin doesn’t twist this formula in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Analysis Paralysis

Gay Essential Opinion: Analysis Paralysis

Dealing with anxiety can be an awful experience, especially when every little action of yours brings up images of all the worse outcomes. You exit your house and get shot by an arrow. You go to your therapist and they scream in your face about how annoying you are. You try to ask out your attractive neighbour only for them to gloat of all the local housewives they have been sleeping with. This is Tyler’s everyday life as he deals with his analysis paralysis disorder.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Watercolors

Watercolors is an multiple Audience Award-winning film 2009 drama film written and directed by David Oliveras. The film tells the story of one young man overwhelming grief of losing his first love and his use of his artistic talents to process his emotions and grief. Tye Olson, Kyle Clare, Greg Louganis and Karen Black star in this film.

Drive Me Home

Gay Essential Opinion: Drive Me Home

Drive Me Home is a great feature length argument as to why road trip narratives shouldn’t often be so concentrated within the States. It doesn’t have the same glamour, but it does have exactly what you want from a story within this genre: a richly drawn character study told within a warm, familiar template.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Hawaii

Hawaii is an Argentinian romance from 2013, from writer and director Marco Berger. Starring Manuel Vignau and Mateo Chiarino and set in rural Argentina, it tells the story of two childhood friends from different social classes, who meet as adults, renew their friendship, and start to develop a new relationship.

Naked As We Came

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Naked As We Came

The award-winning film Naked As We Came, written and directed by Richard LeMay, is a family drama that tells of love and loss, and the struggle for strength and courage of a tormented family. The film premiered in New York in 2012 and stars Ryan Vigilant, Karmine Alers, and Ben Weaver.

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