Sell By

Gay Essential Review: Sell By at NewFest

The idea that a relationship has a sell-by date inevitably crosses everyone’s mind. And in many cases, it rings true. Some couples aren’t always going to mesh perfectly together all the time. Sometimes the date does pass and relationships are no longer at their most ripe, but the passing of that date doesn’t always mean the end. This is the idea that actor Mike Doyle explores in his feature directorial debut, Sell By.

A Halloween Trick

A Halloween Trick, Gay Essential Talks to Michael Varrati

LGBT Horror is itself a subculture of a subculture. While much horror fails to show up in mainstream cinema, save for the occasional Halloween-themed October film fest, queer horror takes even more effort for the hungry film lover to uncover. And when one starts to dig, Michael Varrati is the LGBTQ storyteller who is right there waiting for them.

The Passenger

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Passenger

The Passenger, written and directed by Tor Iben in 2013, follows an attractive young man with a dark secret as he insinuates himself in the lives of two young artists. This erotic thriller was shot in Berlin and stars Niklas Peters, Lynn Femme, and Urs Stämpfli.

The Secret Path

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Secret Path

Part love story, part ghost story, The Secret Path is the story of two sailors who defect from the British Navy in the early 1800’s, desiring to be together. Hiding in the grounds of an abandoned English countryside house, the two men soon discover a dark and mysterious figure is lurking about.

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