Gay Essential Films To Watch, Orlando

Orlando is a 1992 film directed by Sally Potter. The screenplay also written by Sally Potter is based on Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same name. The film features Tilda Swinton in the lead role, Billy Zane and Quentin Crisp. The gender-bending film follows nobleman Orlando’s lives, relationships both as a man and woman over a number of centuries.

Female Trouble

Gay Essential Gay Films To Watch, Female Trouble

Female Trouble is a comedy crime film released in 1974. Written and directed by John Waters, this dark comedy stars Divine (in a dual role), David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, and Mink Stole. The film is about a woman, once a troubled teen, becomes an unapologetic mass murder who meets her death in the electric chair.

House of Boys

Gay Essential Films To Watch, House of Boys

Director Jean-Claude Schlim brings us House of Boys, a dazzling coming-of-age story that is marked with the kind of heartache that only AIDS can bring about. The film was released in 2009. Loïc Peckels, Layke Anderson and Harry Ferrier star in the film.

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