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North Sea Texas is a Flemish coming-of-age drama about the shy and introverted Pim (Jelle Florizoone) who lives with his neglectful ex-beauty queen mother Yvette (Eva Van Der Gucht). At night, Yvette a professional accordion player hangs out at Texas, the local pub as Pim submerges himself into a world of fantasy and drawing.

Pim spends a great deal of time with the neighbours Marcella (Katelijne Damen) and her children Gino (Mathias Vergels) and Sabrina (Nina Marie Kortekaas). When Pim refutes the advances of young smitten Sabrina, she plots her revenge and discovers his affection for her brother Gino.

Clearly close friends, 14 year old Pim and 16 year old Gino camp in a tent one evening on the beach, and the two make love. Gino however has a girlfriend living in nearby Dunkik, upon leaving school he moves in with her abandoning Pim. Heartbroken, Pim then discovers that his mother has run off with the house lodger Zoltan (Thomas Coumans). Frail and sick Marcella works to mend the relationships around Pim to put things right.

Noordzee, Texas




“Drawing affecting performances from a fledgling cast, Defurne’s film is a poignant snapshot of square-peg adolescent desire, vibrantly set against a colourful backdrop.”
   Total Film

“Though not without its mini-heartbreaks and melancholic turns, North Sea Texas explores emergent sexuality and first love with a refreshing optimism.”
   Los Angeles Times

“The beauty of North Sea Texas lies in its simplicity.”
   Caroline Vogt, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

North Sea Texas was budgeted for a 22 day schedule and filmed during a wet summer in Zelzate, an old workers neighborhood stood in for scripts coastal village. Keen observes will note that the young Pim parts his hair on the left, whilst the older Pim parts it on the right, just like the object of his affections, Gino. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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